Thursday, February 25, 2010

Klassic Kartoon Kommercials

Before TV’s favorite prehistoric family was known for pushing vitamins to children (and my fiancée), they were evidently the spokesfamily for another fabulous product: Winston Cigarettes.

The best part of the ad: Fred and Barney leaving the women to do the chores, because nothing makes me want to smoke a cigarette more than some good old-fashion spousal neglect.

And who can forget that other classic commercial starring America’s favorite cartoon-feline Heathcliff? “After a long day of throwing up hairballs and licking myself, nothing calms this tomcat’s nerves like the purr-fect taste of Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey. Remember kids, only Dewar’s helps numb the pain from my botched back-alley neutering. If I had opposable thumbs, I’d be robbing liquor stores for it daily!”

Maybe it could be followed by a PSA with George Jetson warning about the dangers of catching an STD from your robot-maid.

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