Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Manlier than a 12-Year-Old Girl, Bitches!

I pretty much hit rock bottom this weekend as far as toy purchases are concerned. Worst of all, that “rock” happens to wear a purple skirt.

I came across this sweet NRFP (that’s “Never Removed From Package” for those of you who DON’T kick ass) Shy Violet in an antique store in Greencastle, IN. In case you’re not familiar with where that is, it’s right next to the Greencastle Goodwill.

First off, I have to commend the store for stretching the definition of “antique.” By that definition, Aldi would be an antique store for selling Five-Alive.

Second of all, as a toy collector, I was offended when the register lady said, “Enjoy your doll!” Because I blasted back in her face, “Hey lady, this is an action figure, not a doll! Oh, wait… it is a doll. Well, maybe Goodwill has a purple skirt in my size..."


  1. I would totally believe the "manly" argument had you bought any doll BESIDES Shy Violet, but yeah...then you bought Shy Violet and everything fell apart. Nevertheless, good job!

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