Friday, January 21, 2011

At Least I Didn't Spend a Thousand Dollars on Legos...

I need to clarify that this is not a picture of one of my ebay purchases.  I was researching Star Wars Legos for an ebook I'm commissioned to write, and I came across this ebay sale.

But I'm really in no place to judge.  At any given point, I'm in the middle of a week-long discussion with my wife about how I want to buy something stupid.  It usually results it me saying this:

"Honey, I'm only planning to spend ____A_____ on one ___B_____!"

Now, substitute any of these for blank A:
  • $20
  • $200
  • $2000
  • 2 of my toes

And substitute any of these for blank B:
  • Ghostbusters action figure
  • Arcade game
  • Autographed Billy Dee Williams photo
  • Trip to Wendy's

But now I know that during any one of these debates, I can show her this ebay posting and say, "Well, at least I didn't spend a thousand dollars on Star Wars Legos."  It's too bad that I'll be following it up with, "Now if you'll excuse me, my 200 dollar Return of the Jedi carded Luke Skywalker action figure just arrived.  And if you need us, we'll be at Wendy's."


  1. lol! dude, i miss your comedy!...and your english corrections! i hope your well! V (aka B) xo

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