Monday, June 6, 2011

June = Garage Sales

Quick, somebody grab the reindeer basket!!!
We can all officially mark June 4th as the beginning of Chicago's Garage Sale Season.  If a Groundhog seeing his shadow marks the onset of Spring, then me suckering some chump out of a Super Soaker 50 for only 5 bucks marks the onset of Garage Sale Season (Search on eBay for Super Soaker 50, and you'll see why I'm stoked about it...).

Summer is basically like a giant flea market that's spread out over multiple blocks and multiple weeks.  You can feel like a tool after walking seven blocks only to find a box of old Johnny Mathis records and some vacuum cleaner extensions.  But then you feel like Indiana Jones whenever you manage to locate some hidden relic hiding underneath the boxes of crap (like a Super Soaker 50).

At first, the dude running the garage sale didn't want to sell it to me.  Luckily for me, his negotiation skills weren't exactly razor sharp.

Me: How much for that Super Soaker?
Dude: It's not for sale.
Me: I'll give you five bucks.
Dude: OK...

They say you can't put a price on something that has sentimental value.  Fortunately, this dude's price turned out to be five dollars.

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