Friday, March 14, 2014

My Brother's Lullaby Rendition of the Mega Man 3 Opener is Amazing

When my son was born, my brother Mark recorded him (or us) an album of the Mega Man 2 soundtrack as lullabies. Click here if you’re an asshole and haven’t heard it yet. Now, after 10 months, 120,000 plays, and a lot of poo stains (from my son, not my brother), the world has been graced with Mark’s new lullaby rendition of the Mega Man 3 opener. It’s insanely good.

I’m trying to get him to record more Nintendo lullabies, specifically Castlevania, Zelda, and Super Mario 3. Any game you’d want to hear as a lullaby? Leave it in the comments below, and maybe stupid Mark will start recording them instead of doing things like “exercising” or “going out with his girlfriend” or “leaving the house” or whatever the fuck he claims to do during the day.


  1. dan that is fucking really good. or really fucking good.

    one or the other.

    but not both.

    1. Yeah, my brother is pretty major dude. Or a major pretty dude.

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