Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Give Your Home the Sugar-Shits with Candy-Scented Candles

Smells like Willy Wonka farted.
Not far behind my obsession with toys is my obsession with candy. Which means I was thrilled to learn that there’s finally a new candle around that’ll make my house smell like it has diabetes.

Evidently candy-scented candles hit the market when I wasn't looking, and they’re perfect for anybody that owns a home and is also 6 years old. Everyone knows that smells are tied closely with fond memories. So while many of Yankee Candles’ scents remind you of an autumn morning or a freshly baked pie, these candles will undoubtedly remind you of that time you got molested in a chocolate factory.

In the end, these candles are very similar to motel shampoo. They smell good but taste terrible, and if you smell like either one for too long, things are probably not going well in your life.

1 comment:

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