Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Disturbing Details in 80’s Horror Games

The 1980’s provided us with some great, kitschy versions of classic horror games. The simple graphics and primitive technology didn’t stop developers from creating plenty of horrifyingly macabre moments. And, since the ESRB was still yet to be founded, there was nobody around to say things like, “Maybe don’t kill kids.” Here are three vintage video games that really went above and beyond to make things a little weird.

A babysitter is gruesomely decapitated
Despite the original Halloween film having very little blood and gore, the Atari Halloween developers couldn't be bothered with that G-rated bullshit. When the player in this game dies (the babysitter, in this case), it culminates in a graphic, onscreen decapitation. Not only that, the girl continues to run around with 8-bit blood squirting from her neck. 
There were rectangular bloodstains everywhere.

Human remains play an integral part.
The very concept of this game would make parents cringe today. It involves collecting Freddy's bones, carrying them onto school property, and disposing of them in the high school’s incinerator. From grave desecration to tampering with a crime scene to unlawful use of maintenance equipment, this game is just one creepy felony after another.
Get ready to piss on a few tombstones.

Children are unceremoniously murdered.
The original Friday the 13th involves the brutal deaths of a bunch of camp counselors. The game developers thought that was too ghastly, so they changed it to all the children being killed instead. The player is even provided with a children counter, so they can see just how many young lives will tragically end during the course of the game.
15 children died to make this game possible.

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