Friday, April 25, 2014

NECA’s Mego-Style Jason Loses the Hokey Hockey Mask

Are those Bugle Boys you're wearing?
Don’t get me wrong, I like Jason’s iconic hockey mask as much as the next horror guy. But it’s so 80’s that it’s almost no longer scary. I think Jason is a classic slasher, but he never really scared me as a kid. It was hard to be scared while eating Skittles and laughing at elaborately gory kills from a guy who looks like he should be in an 80’s metal band.

But Jason’s mask from the second movie scared the rainbow colored poop out of me when I was young. To me, somebody who puts a goalie mask on before killing people clearly cares way too much about his appearance. But there’s something very unsettling about someone who puts a sack over his head and only takes the time to cut out one eye hole (and isn’t the Elephant Man).

That’s why I love this upcoming Mego-style Jason figure from NECA. I love that it’s a throwback to old-school Mego 8” figures. And I love that it’s a throwback to a pre-goalie era of Jason. I’ll be buying the shit out of one of these in October.

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