Friday, May 2, 2014

DJ BattleAxe is the the World's Best DJ Named After Medieval Weaponry

The face of artistic integrity.
You know how most kids’ music doesn’t involve a British man violently screaming into a microphone about eating lunch or hopelessly asking listeners if he can borrow money? Well, acclaimed children’s musician DJ BattleAxe solves both of those problems.

For anyone with an affinity for the goofy, offbeat or all-around weird, DJ BattleAxe is your musician. His bizarre lyrics about iconic childhood moments blend surprisingly well with catchy, danceable electronic music. Plus, his hilariously sordid back story paints a picture of a broken man, completely out of touch with reality.

Maybe I’m biased, since DJ BattleAxe is the secret brainchild of somebody I hold very near and dear. Regardless, check out DJ BattleAxe’s SoundCloud page to hear more, and be sure to like him on Facebook. You will not regret either one.


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