Monday, September 29, 2014

31 Short Horror Movies in 31 Days

This movie will run past both of our bedtimes.
I used to celebrate Halloween by watching 31 horror movies throughout the month of October. That was before my son was born and I was able to stay up past 10 p.m. So, for the last couple of years, I’ve adopted a new approach with much less commitment: 31 short horror films in 31 days.

This isn’t a list of the "best short horror movies," so save your bitching). In fact, some of these movies are probably going to be doodoo. I simply put together a list of short horror film that I haven’t already seen, plus a few of my favorites that I’m looking forward to watching again (Hint: Coven, Oculus Chapter 3, Terrifier).

And I still plan to watch a bunch of my favorite full-length horror movies this October, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St., etc… But those will be for those crazy Friday nights where I stay up past 10 (maybe).

1.                Still Life (8:49)
2.                Game (8:25)
3.                No Way Out (9:00)
4.                Brutal Relax (15:00)
5.                Lights Out (2:42)
6.                Cargo (7:05)
7.                Terrifier (19:53)
8.                To My Mother and Father (8:39)
9.                Ninja Clown Monster (2:54)
10.            La Boca Del Leon (4:52)
11.            Red Balloon (12:55)
12.            Don’t Move (13:56)
13.            The Little Mermaid (6:58)
14.            Do You Believe in the Devil (19 mins)
15.            Coven (36:31)
16.            The Open Window (9:07)
17.            Katasumi/In a Corner (3:23)
18.            444-444-4444 (2:57)
19.            He Dies at the End (4:29)
20.            One Last Dive (1:09)
22.            Tufty (8:35)
23.            The Haunted Castle (3:19)
24.            Five Minutes Earlier (2:31)
25.            Deus Irae (13:33)
26.            Play Time (3:06)
27.            A… (3:05)
28.            Invectum (2:54)
29.            La Cabina (36:04)
30.            Fear INC (3:05)
31.            Dare (3:00)


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