Thursday, October 9, 2014

Check Out 'Star Warps,' an Online Book of Star Wars Inspired Art

One of my posters that DB included in Star Warps.
A while back, DB Burkeman asked to include a few of my Star Wars posters in an art project he was putting together. A few days ago, I was very excited to see an article on Laughing Squid about Star Warps, an extensive online book of Star Wars inspired art curated by DB and a few others.

With work from the 70’s all the way today, it’s full of insane Star Wars fan art including paintings, toys, videos, a bread dough sculpture, a soapbox derby racer, an AT-AT made of ketchup packets and more. Seeing the whole project via thumbnails, it’s amazing how much stuff DB and his buddies included in the online book.

I’m just happy to be listed along with people like Jeff Bennett (who painted Star Wars characters into Thomas Kinkade art), Dan Piraro (the cartoonist from Bizarro), and Olly Moss (an unreal designer and artist). If you’re someone who gets a Star Wars boner, you should be hard by now.

Check out the whole collection of Star Wars fan art (and enjoy the epic intro) at

Via Laughing Squid.


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