Monday, October 6, 2014

Nintendo Snuck a Sex Joke into a Donkey Kong Jr. Puzzle Book

Sorry DK Jr., no sex parties until you turn 18.
I recently picked up a Donkey Kong Jr. cereal box premium, which was just a few pieces of paper labeled Puzzle Book. In the midst of all the “fun” activities for kids is a nice reminder that Donkey Kong Jr. isn’t yet old enough to wife-swap with his friends. The solution to the Rebuspell on page 6 is, “Donkey Kong Jr. is too young to be a swinger.” BTW - I verified the solution in the answer key.

Whoever the artist was that designed this (I’m guessing some coked up 80's Nintendo artist wearing an REO Speedwagon shirt), he intentionally snuck this joke in here. And I think we owe it to ourselves as a nation to make this man president. Not only can he design a hell of a puzzle, but he’s not afraid to tackle the important issue of underage monkeys banging their friend’s spouses.

PS - I wrote the answer on a color scan the puzzle book, so don't think that I desecrated this lovely work of art.  

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