Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pacman-Themed Restaurant Coming to Feed Chicagoland Nerds

Artist's rendering of the restaurant and disappointed patrons. 
Brace yourself Chicagoland. A Pacman themed restaurant will be gracing the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg this January. The eatery is being opened by Namco, and it will be the perfect location to take a date if you’re hoping to dine with 8-bit ghosts or not have sex at the end of the night.

The name of the restaurant, Level 257, refers to the non-existent level that should come after the last stage of the game (it glitches at 256). What better way to market a Pacman restaurant to the general public than by naming it after an obscure Pacman reference that most of the general public won’t understand?

In case any industry people are looking to give Level 257 some competition, here are a few of my own classic arcade themed restaurant ideas:

Bar-B-Q*bert: Burgers and hotdogs mostly, but there’s a snake roaming around that’ll kill you.
The Dig Dug Diner: All of the food is buried in the ground and you have to dig to get it.
Donkey Kong’s Winery: You go into a cellar to taste wine, but there’s just an ape throwing barrels of pinot noir at you.
Frogger’s Fast Food: Just like a restaurant, except you eat your meal in the middle of a busy street.
Burgertime Eatery: A Christian-themed vegan restaurant that’s completely gluten-free.

Via the Chicago Tribune

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