Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh, You Know... Just My Kid Setting Up Figures Around the House

There were plenty of things I knew Luke was going to do when he was born. Eat, sleep, poop, cry, destroy property, etc… The one thing that’s surprised me most recently is his insistence on setting up my old figures in rows around the house. He’ll set them up on the coffee table in the morning or on the stairs before bed or in the window sill while hanging out. It’s remarkable.

What’s even more bizarre is the fact that I don’t currently have any figures out on display. So it’s not like he saw me set them up. He’s clearly doing it on his own. Which obviously means that collecting toys is some kind of ingrained, genetic trait that can’t be stopped. Or, it just means that my kid is going to grow up to be just as much of a juvenile asshole as I am. Either way, I couldn’t be prouder of this man. 


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