Sunday, May 3, 2015

Go Buy My Brother's Nintendo Lullaby Album (Now)

As some of you know, my brother records lullaby versions of classic Nintendo music under the name 8-Bit Baby. His third full-length album was just released last week, and it's insanely good. If you've never listened to any of his music before, look down at your feet, and then run your head into the nearest wall as fast as you can. 

My brother's music is fully licensed with Nintendo, and it's been featured on Game Informer, DNAinfo, Polygon, and more. Keep in mind, these Nintendo lullabies aren't just for people with kids. So don't feel like you need to haphazardly procreate with some stranger just as an excuse to buy his album. 

His newest album is a compilation of classic NES and SNES music, with everything from Castlevania to Mega Man 3. It's available on Loudr, iTunes and Spotify, and you can buy any of the 8-Bit Baby albums by clicking here. 

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