Monday, May 25, 2015

The Owl Man is Heading to Scotland

A few weeks ago, I found a Safari LTD owl at a craft store and decided to decapitate it for a custom action figure from Lord of Tears. I had planned to keep it for myself to add to my own horror collection. I hadn’t planned for it to catch the attention of Lord of Tears director Lawrie Brewster, who would then go on to share it to his own fans via Twitter and FB.

Needless to say, after cleaning the poop out of my pants from excitement, I chatted with Lawrie online and was overwhelmed by his positive response. Not only is he the nicest guy imaginable, but the dude also makes an insanely scary movie. If Owl Man should be in the hands of anybody, it’s the movie’s own director. So I couldn’t be more thrilled that the Owl Man will be heading to Scotland to find a new home with director Lawrie Brewster and the gang at Hex Media.

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