Monday, November 23, 2015

How I Spent my 35th Birthday

There was a time when my birthday weekend was a booze-soaked mess that I would barely survive. Nowadays, it’s harder to black out the entire world when I my 2-year-old gets sick and my 5-month-old is up all night from teething. So how did I celebrate instead?

With a full case of loose vintage Star Wars figures, a box of Skittles, and the best legally-obtainable version of Star Wars currently available (hopefully Disney will change that soon), I partied hard until the break of dawn with my wife. In the case, “dawn” refers to “a little after 10:30.” I did outlast my wife though, so I guess I still got it.

And if there was ever a birthday that the rest of the world couldn’t possibly give any less of a shit about, it’s a 35-year-old man’s birthday.


  1. I partied pretty hard in celebration of your birthday. I meant to invite you out, but partied so hard I forgot to call. Let's do it again next year!

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