Friday, December 4, 2015

New Contra Toys Will Have Fans Jumping Up and Down (and Left and Right and B and A and Start)

No shoes, no shirt, no aliens.
While we’ve all been waiting for NECA to release a new set of retro action figures based on classic Nintendo games like “Urban Champion” or “Track and Field II,” the company has actually decided to tackle another classic NES game.

NECA just announced these Contra action figures as the newest addition to their collection of retro gaming action figures. Complete with a game box packaging, pixelated camouflage, and various weapons including “spread” (or “spray,” depending on which friend’s house you were playing Nintendo at), these Contra toys are the perfect blend of retrogaming, toy collecting, and slightly homoerotic outfits.

Preorders will start soon they say, so keep those ears and eyes open to grab one. After all, you only live once (or thirty times).


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