Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Turning a Play Kitchen into a Food Fighters Display

A few months ago, I found a play kitchen at a thrift store. Right then and there I decided that I was going to turn it into a Food Fighters playset/display stand. I suppose I should be filling my head with useful thoughts, but these are the types of things that go on in my brain.
I started by spray painting the playset an aqua/blue color to match the packaging from the Mattel toys. Then I embellished it with a few Food Fighters-esque details like the logo, tagline ("Combat at its Kookiest") and an army helmet for the toaster.

Then I made a couple of accessories using my kid’s play food. If you think I’m an asshole for stealing my two-year-old’s toys for my own project, you’re probably right.

The two accessories I made were (pics at bottom):

Surface-to-Air Carrots
This is just two carrots from my kid’s play food with a frame made out of painted Sharpie markers. The fins are made from textured cardstock.

Can Grenade
Again, it's just a can of soup from my kid’s play food stash, plus a black Lego and strip of plastic from the lid of a toy bin. It was originally going to say, “Cream of Mushroom Cloud,” but it was getting too busy (these things are important).
I’m happy to have this project done. It just goes to show that with a little paint and a few embellishments, you can breathe new life into any old toy. If I could do this  all again, I probably wouldn’t.

Surface-to-Air Carrots.

Exploding can grenade. 
Oven door display stand.

Even added the tagline. (Never understood why it had nothing to do with food.) 
With the whole crew.

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