Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY: Vintage Star Wars Mini-Dioramas

For those of you who collect vintage Star Wars figures, you probably know that a 5" x 7" shadowbox is the perfect size for displaying a few favorites. For those of you who don't collect vintage Star Wars figures, there's something wrong with you. And that's a conversation for another time.

Since a regular 5" x 7" shadowbox can feel plain and boring (like the prequels), just adding a simple background and vintage logo can make it feel like an instant little diorama. I've even provided some backgrounds and old Kenner logos to print on the DbT Flickr page, so you really have no reason not to make one.

See below for everything you need, and if you have any questions, feel free to just start shouting at the top of your lungs. It'll surely get somebody's attention.

You’re gonna need:
• 5 x 7 shadowbox (black or white)
• Some vintage Star Wars figures
• Background and logo (available to download here)
• Double-sided tape
• Oddly-shaped scissors
• Nothing better to do

Step 1. 
Print out background and logos.
I’ve uploaded them here for you to download. Download them all at "original" size, and print them at 100% (each should be 5" x 7"). If you don’t have a printer, use a photo printing service at Walmart or Target and select the 5 x 7 option. If you still can’t figure it out, put your head down and run it into your computer screen as hard as you can.

Step 2. 
Cut out background and logo.
Carefully cut out the logo and background with scissors. Have an adult do it for you if you’re a kid or if you’re a complete idiot.

Step 3. 
Tape background to back of shadowbox.
Just a couple of pieces of double-sided tape will do the trick. If you needed somebody to actually tell you this, you have much bigger problems.

Step 4. 
Tape logo to outside of shadowbox.
Put it wherever you’d like, although I put mine centered on the top. Life is full of much more difficult decisions, so just find a place and move on.

Step 5. 
Put in your figures.
Use some more double-sided tape under their feet to keep them from falling over. Just be carefully, since tape may pull paint off. So only do it with junkers, duplicates, or figures you’ve stolen from

Step 6. 
Put in backing and display your piece.
Be careful not to knock your figures over. And be careful that no other adults see you playing with Star Wars figures.

Step 7.
Admire your handy work. 
Congrats! You’ve successfully created a Star Wars figure mini-diorama. Now take the rest of the week off.

Keep scrolling for some more finished examples, and don't forget to follow Death by Toys on Instagram, Twitter ad Facebook.


  1. I love this idea and thanks for the graphics to use.

  2. And there goes my finger...
    Why didn't he include way to check to see if I was an idiot in advance???!!

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  4. Anyone know the width of these boxes and where you can get them in the uk.

    Ordered two Amazon wrong width , wee Star Wars figures squashed in the glass

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