Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fan Recreates Star Wars Trading Cards with Vintage Kenner Toys

When I first came across Matt Davenport’s homemade Star Wars figure trading cards in my Instagram feed, it took me a second to realize they were custom made. That’s because they look so legit it’s hard to believe they’re not actual, Lucas-sanctioned Star Wars cards. The old Kenner toy line fits so perfectly with the vintage card border, it’s like the two were meant to live together.
Matt, a news anchor in Idaho, has been a Star Wars fan his whole life (the way it should be). The whole idea for these custom trading cards came to him when he was deep in the trenches of Hoth taking pictures of toys. As Matt puts it:

“My first attempt at toy photography was a Hoth playset with Imperial figures from The Empire Strikes Back. And then something clicked other than the camera's shutter. What if I used the original trading card border from the Topps Star Wars trading card line, but substitute the toys for the movie stills?

Since I had all of the original Topps cards in a giant binder, I was able to take a photograph of one of the nicer condition cards and then use image editing software to remove the original image and replace it with one of my pictures of my Kenner collection of vintage Star Wars toys.” 

The simple, DIY spirit of these toy trading cards is something I can completely get behind. And the attention to detail in each pic makes them look completely authentic. So scroll down, take a look at the gallery, and enjoy Matt’s double dose of vintage Star Wars nostalgia.

Be sure to follow Matt on Instagram, and check out Matt’s other websites:


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  2. Very cool. Amazing tribute to an iconic design.