Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mom of the Year Makes Custom Jurassic Park Jeep for Son

Hold onto your butts...
Sometimes, a hidden gem pops up in my Instagram feed like a perfectly-preserved mosquito trapped in amber (kind of a stretch, I know). I stumbled upon this custom-made Jurassic Park kids car last week, and I’ve secretly been obsessing over it ever since.
Made from a Little Tikes play car, this Jurassic Park toy jeep is the insanely crafty work of Florida-based toy collector and artist Joy Belding. A lifelong collector and huge JP fan (she was even featured on MTV’s true life for her fandom), Joy designed this jeep for her son who shares the same love of dinos.

Joy clearly spared no expense when designing this, and she even put a pursuing T-Rex in the side view mirror. While I’m tempted to use the phrase “clever girl” somewhere here, my serious JP collector friends would ostracize me for repeating such an overly used movie line.

I know plenty of thirty-year-old bearded collectors that would love to have this piece of Jurassic Park merch in their mancaves, but I’m happier to see it in the hands of a lucky kid who will keep the fandom alive. So be sure to check out some of Joy’s other custom art and toys on her website, and don’t forget to follow her on FB and Instagram.


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