Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pacman Funko Pop! Figures Coming in March

I have never purchased a single Funko Pop in my life. I’ve bought plenty of other Funko toys, but the Pop aesthetic is something I could never get into. Obviously people are buying them, or else they wouldn’t be producing billions of them every minute. But I’m about to jump on board now that I’ve seen the newest additions coming in March.

Funko just announced that Pacman, Ms Pacman, and the whole fleet of ghosts will be added to their ever-widening Funko Pop line in March. While I pretty much only collect vintage toys, I do have a soft spot for anything arcade.

And, given the fact that I was diagnosed with an acute case of Pacman Fever years ago, my doctor has recommended that I pick up all of these Funko Pacman toys. He also asked that I stop referring to Pacman Fever as an actual disease.

Images via Funko’s blog.


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