Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Customs: Nintendo Black Box Figures

Other than Mario, Mega Man, and Link, there weren't a lot of classic NES characters that got their own merchandise back in the day. Luckily for you all, I took it upon myself to remedy that.

Using some vintage GI Joes, a few Kenner Star Wars figures, and some Fisher Price Adventure People, I assembled a lineup of custom Nintendo figures based on some memorable NES black box games. (And yes, I realize the ridiculousness of an Excitebike figure with no bike. That's the joke.)

The Nintendo black box cover art is so iconic, that it was basically begging to be turned into a cardback. It was a little bit of a pain moving the game title to the top of the card (the NES games have it at the bottom), but luckily my mediocre Photoshop skills persevered.

I made a few extras and threw them in the new DbT online store, so grab one before they're gone. 

See below for more pics, and scroll to the bottom for the individual breakdown of each figure. I'll likely post individual pics on the DbT Instagram and Facebook pages in the next few days, so make sure you're following.

Super Mario Bros.
Head – Star Wars Bespin Guard
Body – Star Wars X-Wing Pilot

Hogan’s Alley
Head – GI Joe Wild Bill
Body – GI Joe Headman

Ice Climber
GI Joe Snow Job

Fisher Price Adventure People biker

Kung Fu
Head – GI Joe Backstop
Body – GI Joe Outback
Arms – GI Joe Chuckles(?)
Legs – GI Joe Quick Kick (with filed down toes)

Urban Champion
Head – GI Joe Hawk
Body – GI Joe Bazooka (with number filed down)


  1. Awesome job, Dan! Had to feature over on my site! http://www.rediscoverthe80s.com/2016/06/if-kenner-had-made-nintendo-action-figures.html

  2. Mario's kinda disappointing. I wanted White overalls and white hat orange hair and a slightly orange mustache.

  3. Thx im going to get all of these and make them myself and put them with my nes games

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