Saturday, February 4, 2017

Custom Beverly Hills Cop Banana & Tailpipe Playset

Last week, I stole a toy banana from my 4-year-old’s play food (because I’m a monster). I packaged it up with a plastic tube I found to make a Beverly Hills Cop Banana and Tailpipe Set. (If you need an explanation, then this post isn’t for you.)

After receiving multiple emails/comments/messages from people wanting to buy one over the weekend, I’ve scrounged up a few more bananas (don’t ask how) and made just four more of these.

THESE WILL BE IN AVAILABLE AT 9:00 PM CST ON SATURDAY, FEB 4. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE STORE. I may make more down the line, but I’m currently wrapped up in a big project I’ll be unveiling soon, so I don't really have the time to crank out a lot of these.

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