Monday, May 15, 2017

Official ‘Coven’ Figures Signed by Mark Borchardt!

I’ve teamed up with director Mark Borchardt to create some official figures for the 20th anniversary of his short film Coven. With a simple sculpt cast in resin and a black cloth cloak, these mysterious hooded figures are mounted on a VHS-style cardback autographed by Borchardt himself (see pics below).  

Mark’s 1997 short film Coven was highlighted in the documentary American Movie. Since then, he’s gained cult status, with VHS copies of Coven becoming extremely collectable. Working with Mark on this project was really fun, and he was enthusiastic about these figures from the start.

Anyone familiar with Coven knows the guerrilla-style approach Borchardt took to make it, which involved him handling basically every aspect of the production on his own. These Coven figures definitely capture that same DIY spirit. Not only was it designed (along with the card art) and sculpted on my own, every single one was molded, cast, painted, clothed, and packaged entirely by myself. Death by Toys is literally a one-man operation with no factories or assembly lines.

This run is limited to 100 figures with 75 of them being up for sale in the Death by Toys online store. The other 25 are being saved for various toy dealers so they can be available at some conventions and boutique toy shops (I also want a few for myself).

I debated making a figure of Borchardt himself, but the fine details involved with it didn’t feel right against the simple aesthetic of the VHS-style cardback. So I opted for the black hooded coven members with an extremely simple sculpt and single color design.

This is a non-articulated piece that is truly meant to be displayed in its entirety, cardback and all. So stop reading this and GO BUY ONE


  1. Damn I missed out!! Are they going to be avilable at any of the boutiques out here in Portland Oregon?

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