Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Custom Made ‘Stranger Things’ Bob Newby Figure (Dead Version)

Bob the Brain(s)
Out of all the new characters from Stranger Things Season 2, Bob Newby was my absolute favorite. His death was pretty much the highlight of the season for me, and I hated to see him die so much (despite the fact that I rewatched multiple times).

I created a tribute to Sean Astin’s unlikely hero with this Bob Newby (Dead Version) Stranger Things action figure. After all, there’s no nobler death than being eaten alive by a pack of Demodogs.

For those that are wondering: Bob was made from some Fisher Price Adventure People parts, along with somebody’s legs from Reaction’s Alien line (don’t even know who).


  1. How do I purchase this. This is great.

    1. Thanks! I unfortunately only made one and it sold a while back. Sorry!