Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Old-School NES Figures Made from Vintage Toys

Some of the first customs I ever made were vintage-style Mega Man and Mario figures made from old Kenner Star Wars toys (Mario actually reappeared in my NES Black Box series). I finally got around to finishing up the line with the addition of Zelda, Castlevania and Metroid.

To me, this is exactly what a line of custom Nintendo action figures would look like if Kenner had released them back in the 80s. This entire line was made from repurposed 80s action figures, including Star Wars, GI Joe, Fisher Price Adventure People, and various other pieces I could find in the bottoms of disgusting junker bins. I then attached each one to a cardback based on the game's box art.

I’ll eventually get around to casting these and making more, but for now I’m keeping this set for myself. If you feel like you absolutely MUST own a set, you can always come over and stab me in my sleep. It won’t get you the figures, but it'll probably make you feel better. (Plus, no jury will convict you if the murder was over some Nintendo-themed custom action figures.)

See more pics below, and be sure to follow DBT on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for any sale updates.

Head and Body: Vintage Farmboy Luke
Ears: Vintage Ree-Yees
Hat: Ames Apoxie Sculpt
Legs: Fisher Price Adventure People Motorcycle Rider

Head: Vintage Luke X-Wing Pilot
Body: Vintage Star Destroyer Commander
Legs: Ree-Yees
Blaster: IG-88’s head

Head: Tracker Tom from ‘The Corps’
Body, Legs and Arms: Vintage Lando Jabba’s Palace Disguise
Boots: Super7 He-Man
Whip: Various ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ parts
Chicken: Super Sculpey and dollhouse platter

Head: Vintage Star Wars Bespin Guard
Body: Vintage Luke X-Wing Pilot

Head: GI Joe B.A.T.
Body: Vintage Kenner Zukuss (actually 4-LOM)
Arms and Legs: Hasbro First Order Stormtrooper
Arm Blaster: I don’t even fucking know anymore...


  1. While I appreciate and respect a good custom, I admittedly have never understood why someone would want to ruin a perfectly good vintage toy to do something like this. In looking at the above, I counted about eleven vintage figures and two to three modern ones which will never exist again. That's sad to me.

    1. I suggest we go stab him in his sleep. He lived at 525 Williams Hall.

    2. Iron Mike how bout I cut off your face while you sleep bitch. The pain,suffering and macabre that I will dwell upon you will be legendary in fucking hell.

    3. The toy guy invited us to stab him in his sleep. I have not extended a similar offer, and would be quite upset if you cut off my face.

      On a side note, your grasp of the English language is tenuous at best. Your grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation contain errors that should have been corrected in primary school. You chose to use two words that mean something other than what you think they mean. Hell is a proper noun requiring capitalization.

      In the event that your reading comprehension is as poor as your writing, I wish to make it clear that I am calling you a turd.

    4. That samus aran is absolutely hideous..

  2. Yeah but now these toys are pretty cool. This man is making his own art and recycling old toys. Nothing sad about. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelette.

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    1. Wow I love the Simon Belmont. if those where in stores id buy em