Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Action Figures Based Solely on the Covers of ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ Books

Sass Sold Separately
Two of my friends recently suggested I make a line of Baby-Sitters Club custom action figures (whatever face you're making is the exact same face I made when they asked me). Given the fact that I was reading Stephen King in junior high, I never really dove into The Baby-Sitters Club. But I at least entertained the thought for my friends' sake and perused a few Baby-Sitters Club book covers.

Let’s just say things got dark. While I still haven’t read a single page of any book from the series, the ridiculously stylized cover art completely inspired me by it's wholesomeness, campiness, and general shittiness. So I decided to make a series of custom figures based solely on the super crappy Baby-Sitters Club book covers (along with the stories that formed in my own brain).

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t what my friends had in mind when they initially asked, but I refuse to make a straightforward figure of Claudia or Stacey or Kristy or some other girl that I’ve never heard of because I’ve clearly never read a single page of any Baby-Sitters Club book.

Anyway, see below for each figure and enjoy. They’re not all for the easily-offended, but if you’ve read this far, you probably know what to expect from me. (Side note: If you ARE offended by any of these, take comfort knowing there were 2 or 3 much more offensive versions for each figure that didn’t pass the “good-taste test.”)

I'm about to go on vacation, but these will probably end up in the store or on eBay at some point. As usual, an update will be posted on the DBT Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages when that happens.

And thanks to Jules and Katie for leading me down this rabbit hole.

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  1. If you can find the book where Mitsy (it may have been spelled "Mitzy") makes grilled cheese sandwiches for the neighbor kids, that would probably be the best introduction to the series.