Thursday, July 5, 2018

Custom Made "Fallen Heroes" Action Figure Line

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I figured it was time to give Blockbuster and Toys R Us the action figures they deserve with these custom made Assistant Manager figures.

The retail chains may be gone, but their memories will now always live on with my "Fallen Heroes" action figure series. So say hello to Alice and Chad, the Assistant Managers of Blockbuster Video and Toys R Us.

Stay tuned for the inevitable Radio Shack or Kay-Bee figures to follow.

Want to learn a little more about them? See below to read their very exciting bios.

Chad (Toys R Us Assistant Manager):
Chad's a "real straight shooter" who will undoubtedly turn his chair around before "talking real" with the staff. He's also not afraid to cut loose occasionally and stay for after-hours at Applebee's. 

Alice (Blockbuster Video Assistant Manager):
Alice isn't interested in listening to your bullshit opinions about early Argento films or French Extremism. She wants you to rent your movie, buy your fucking Skittles, and get the fuck out of her face. 


  1. Good riddance to Blockbuster. Local video rental places are where its at! My local shop mislabeled Dinosaur Island (1994) as PG. Made a man out of me.

  2. As a former Borders guy, I'd like to lobby for Bill, Borders music department chief.

  3. Will there be an Toys R Us old school orange vest employee figure?

  4. Alice looks far too upright for a Blockbuster assistant manager. Or as AM’s as we were called...
    Even lazy in our communicat