Wednesday, October 3, 2018

DBT on Eli Roth’s ‘History of Horror’ (with Stephen King!)

A while back, I made a bunch of toys based on old 80’s slasher VHS tapes. They caught the glimpse of one of my favorite horror directors Eli Roth, and he’s been a huge supporter since.

But even knowing that didn’t really prepare me for seeing him surprise Stephen King with one of my Maniac bloody scalps on AMC’s History of Horror. The exchange between the two is candid and hilarious, and just watching these icons interact is absolutely killer.

Check out the whole clip below. Eli Roth’s History of Horror series starts on Oct 14 on AMC. Give it watch, or one of us may come over and scalp you.


  1. No jokes today. This is rad.

    1. joke...A magician was driving down the street and turned into a driveway.

  2. Great film AND soundtrack by Jay Chattaway. Joe Spinell was a one of a kind actor, too bad he's R.I.P. The final scene of the mannequins turning into a room full of his victims throughout the film was and still is epic.

  3. Where do you fall on the great Fright Night v Lost Boys debate?

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