Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Official 'Straight Edge Kegger' Toys Available Friday

I recently teamed up with Jason Zink of Weird on Top Pictures to create an official toy line for their upcoming feature, Straight Edge Kegger. (And, quite frankly, who can say no to killers and kegs?) 

This Friday at 4:00 pm (CST), I’ll be releasing 20 bloody kegs and 10 pig-masked killers (named Manners) in the Death by Toys store. Each one is hand-cast, hand painted, and hand packaged. Plus, cardbacks feature the insane artwork of Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs.

The film is just starting to make the festival rounds, and you can see it at the PDXtreme Fest next month in Portland. So be sure to follow the Straight Edge Kegger FB page for upcoming screenings and more release info. 

And most importantly: Always say no to drugs and alcohol (with the exception of hard liquor, wine and beer, which are all okay, as well as a few drugs that I barely consider “drugs”). 

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