Friday, June 21, 2019

Teenage Stepdad 'Uncle Gary' Action Figure Now for Sale

One of my favorite meme accounts (and one of the first I ever followed) is Teenage Stepdad, and his work is just beyond hilarious. One of his recurring characters (along with his dipshit stepson Grayson) is his Uncle Gary. I've wanted to make a figure based on Teenage Stepdad's work for a while, and Uncle Gary with his excessive pube problem just spoke to me (for reasons I won't get into).

Ol' Uncle Gary is up on eBay as a 3-day auction. CLICK HERE FOR THE EBAY LISTING

Now's your chance to get a creepy half naked man with a side car of pubes. (Fake pubes. Cannot stress that enough. They're fake.)

And PLEASE go checkout Teenage Stepdad's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and treat yourself to something in his Threadless shop. I'd attempt to describe it, but you're better off just experiencing it for yourself.

See below for Teenage Stepdad's post that inspired this figure.

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