Friday, February 11, 2022

Autographed Black & White Coven Figures (Ltd Ed of 50)

I'm beyond stoked to team up with my buddy Mark Borchardt again for more Coven figures, this time of Mark himself. 

This limited run of 50 will be released on Saturday, February 12 at 12:00pm CST, so don't miss out. 

CLICK HERE for purchase info. 

Each piece is cast, painted, and packaged entirely by hand, with only 50 being available. The figure sports a black and white color palette to match the film's aesthetic, and each one comes mounted to a classic Coven VHS style cardback. Best of all, every piece has been autographed by Mark. 

Mark has become a good friend over the years, so I'm so happy to be working with him again. Our last batch of Coven figures sold out in less than 2 days, so don't sleep on these. 

Every figure was painted by the loving hands of my longtime collaborator Adam Crohn of AC Toy Design.




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