Before my first kid was born, my brother Mark recorded an album of lullaby renditions of the music from Mega Man II for him (or for me), since it was one of our favorite video game soundtracks as kids. I loved it so much, that we decided to create some album art for it and upload it to Soundcloud. Not long after, we noticed it was getting tens of thousands of plays, as well as being written up on tons of gaming sites. So we figured it was time to make more albums.

Recording under the name 8-Bit Baby, my brother now has three albums of Nintendo lullabies (be sure to admire my groundbreaking album art). They’re fully licensed by Nintendo, and available to buy on iTunes and Loudr.

Whether you have kids, don’t have kids, or aren’t sure if you have kids, this album is full of beautifully arranged piano renditions of the classic Nintendo music we all love.