Me at age 7.
About Death by Toys
Welcome to Death by Toys, a one-man action figure shop specializing in handmade, limited edition collectibles from your favorite horror/cult/retro franchises. DbT offers one-of-a-kind pieces of fan art, as well as small runs of officially licensed figures.

I make every item entirely by hand using anything from recycled vintage toys to resin casting to repurposed household items. So, while the finished products may have the feel and look of a factory-produced toy line, each toy is literally made one at a time.

The Weirdo Behind the Curtain
My name is Dan Polydoris, and I’m a lifelong toy collector and writer. I started this site (formerly Chicago Toy Collector) in 2010 as a place to write about my toy news and to showcase the occasional custom action figure. As each batch of customs began to sell out faster and faster, I started focusing more on making custom action figures. Since then, DbT has developed into a line of collectibles known for its affinity for the strange, offbeat, and absurd.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Death by Toys featured on some of my favorite sites, including
Nerdist, Game Informer, and more.

Looking to Buy Something?  
Visit the Death by Toys store and see what’s available. Due to the high demand and limited numbers, most figures sell out pretty quickly. If you’ve missed out on any, and you’re interested in keeping up with the latest creations, follow DbT on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not interested in keeping up with the latest creations, just click here